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We Tried Something New!

E' and SBO's MagazineWe are excited to announce a new adventure for us!

After investigating the process of publishing an Apple Newsstand Magazine, we decided it was a great idea!

Presenting E’s and SBO’s Magazine — Entrepreneur’s and Small Business Owner’s Magazine.

The focus is to help Entrepreneur’s and Small Business Owner’s who are getting started get a better handle on Social Media and Mobile Marketing. It was very fun to put together!

As you know, we have published six (6) books on social media — they are available on Amazon.

This however is a little different!

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Why Fake Facebook Likes Are Killing Your Social Media Marketing

Childhood friends at a carnival

Wiki: Childhood friends at a carnival

Fake Facebook likes. They seem so harmless! Who is it going to hurt? How will they know?

You have to say Excellence is difficult! It takes so long! It always seems easier to just  . . . (fill in the blank!)

This subject is especially on our minds as a Sports Fan. It is pervasive in every Sport, it seems. From the disappointment we ALL felt with the revelation from Lance Armstrong, to Alex Rodriguez of the NY Yankees.

These drug shortcuts that have befallen these and other Athletes is just the “tip of the iceberg”!

It has long been known that many Business Professionals online and offline have crossed the line for the sake of expedience far more often than these Athletes we have mentioned and so many others not mentioned!

These Business Professionals are not famous! They are not taking drugs! They are breaking the public trust!
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Should Facebook Worry About Google+?

Main Street, West Side and Central Square, Keene NH in the 1900s

Main Street, Keene NH in the 1900s via Flickr

Should Facebook worry about Google+?
This is an intriging question, but a better question is, “What about Your Business?”
We are in a very interesting era for Business!
We are in a world where Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs assume that ” . . . if they build it, they will come!”
That largely is not true! But, the tradition of Business has been substantially based on that mantra.
Less than twenty years ago, that Business Strategy would work, for the most part.
There were areas of our country where they used a catalog to do their shopping. However in the cities, “We went Shopping!”
Today, many of the Malls that were built to accommodate those “shoppers” are the modern equivalent to the old Western  Ghost Towns.
Yet, modern day Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs continue to forge ahead, expecting a different result.
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Why Google+ for Local Businesses?

Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, circa 1927

Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, circa 1927 via Flickr


Local Business has traditionally considered the Internet a National or and International platform. These Businesses have been so busy “working” that many have not even taken the time to get a Website in place. Their question: “Why waste the time?”

Now the reality of a Website is almost “too little, too late”. Many Local Businesses aiming well behind the technology target. If fact many Local Business hesitate “jumping in” the technology pond because the ROI (Return on Investment) of time is way to steep! Well beyond their ability to “keep up”! They are just too Busy!

This view is rapidly becoming antiquated.
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Video Tips to Improve Results!

keystone 8mm model B8

Image by B.S. Wise via Flickr

Video Marketing is the cutting edge! We are always looking for amazing new ways to “get 'R done!” We are always chasing that new and fresh idea that is just now coming on the Business Marketing scene. It is rather amusing, if you watch these sorts of things.

For some reason we think that “next best thing” has to give us better results than those endeavors we are now pursuing. I think that is basically a lack of trust in our own judgment.

It reminds me of “Acre of Diamonds” by Russell Conwell, the classic! In that story the main character of the story sells all and sets out on a search to find his fortune. The new owner of his property discovers a vast Diamond mine right there in the back yard!

This is one of the principals that McDonald's was built on. Do it the same way, over and over again! Cookie Cutter! It is the Secret of Business. However, we done want to admit it! It could be that the monotony causes us to “look around!”

It is big news, but few seem to believe it, video is the only segment of digital media that is growing. In fact it is exploding!

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Twitter Referral Tips for Your Business!

Chicago River

Image by Bert Kaufmann via Flickr

Referrals are always to best way to improve your business sales. Sales are the true measure of success for your business. Determining how those sales were accomplished is well worth the time and effort.

Studies have shown that well over 80% of the time, businesses and sales personnel fail to ask their clients for referrals. This is a disaster for any business!

If you don't ask your clients for referrals, then you are reduced chasing those elusive “New Clients”.

The problem with this business strategy is studies prove that “New Clients” spend far less than existing and referral clients per business transaction. This all has to do with trust.

“New Clients” are not sure about you or your company. They are trying you out.

Existing clients are comfortable with you your business and how they were treated. When they refer you to their Friends and Family, they are providing Social Proof.

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Facebook Referral Marketing is the Secret Sauce!

Group Hug Spanish Style Referrals! The most important word in Business!

Do You ask for referrals? Here is the problem.

It seems that in Business, we think it is better to go get new clients than take care of our existing clients.

Numerically, there are far more “new clients” than our existing client base.

We live out the “Acers of Diamonds” story every day in our business.

If you study successful businesses, they are overwhelmingly focused on taking care of their existing clients.

The best example of this is in the Financial Services Industry, particularly the insurance industry. They create a “book of business” that many have even sold to others in the business. Read more »

Leadership, What is Your Style?

Mount Rushmore

Image by jimbowen0306 via Flickr

Leadership is always an interesting subject! Leaders are different across the board!

The first question that has to be asked, “What are we trying to accomplish?”

You have the Vince Lombardi, “Basics” leadership. It worked, his Teams won!

There is the “Lead-by-Example” style of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Again, Winners!

There is the quite Leadership of Navy Seal Team six; they don't talk about it they just get the job done! Winners!

Leadership Styles are different and all have success.  

What kind of leadership traits are you looking for to move your company forward? Here look at this:

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Are You Using Video Marketing to Promote Your Business?


What happens when AV nerds grow up...

We watch World events in real time. Of course, the Olympics and sports (Worlds Cup, Golf and the America’s Cup, to name a few), but the News of all types. We hardly expect to stay current by reading our local newspaper or nation news magazine. Events are taking place far too quickly for those sources to be relevant.

I do miss grabbing a Cup of Coffee and sitting down with the daily newspaper are “catching up!” I have replaced that with my tablet. With a fresh Cup of Coffee in hand, my tablet and a quiet spot and I am current in just a few minutes! When You think about it, it really is amazing!

We have images and videos of what is happening “right now!” Then we go to work on our websites or our blog and we write our next post.

I am shocked that so many websites and blogs rely on text so deeply!

Let me share a secret with You! Your visitors want to see it! Video, images. Text is not as effective as it use to be.

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Why is Google+ Important for Local Businesses?

my brio trains: the long goodbye

Image by woodleywonderworks via Flickr

Google Plus, sometimes referred to as Google+, is the “new guy on the block!” Many are trying to grasp the significance of the platform.

In short, it is the secret sauce for rankings on Google. It is important to become an expert on this Social Media Platform!

Here is the scenario: Every day, really every minute, someone is “searching” for the products or services Your Business provide. It is highly unlikely that Your Business is the only Business in the world that provides such services! So it is very important that Your Business is easy to find!

The traditional method of being found is to have a Prime Location for Your Business. Then barrage the community that you are located in with traditional advertising. TV, Radio and Newspaper advertising demanded a big budget. We told ourselves that was just the cost of doing business!

Well, that is not how consumers “do it” any longer. Studies have show that over 80% of the tie, the modern consumer, heads to the internet to “search” for what they need! The time and cost of just the fuel to “find you” is resolved by letting our “fingers do the walking.” 

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