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Why is SMS Marketing Important to Your Business?

Jenny Holzer + twitter + text messaging

Image by gcbb via Flickr

SMS Marketing Strategies are almost too simple! For some reason we like things much better if they are very complicated! In fact, it seems as though the more complicated something is the more we consider it to be the “state of the art!”

In marketing your Business, there are so many moving parts! We tend to think that if we are busy doing something we are “building our business”. That is why it is so important to measure your activity. To ask “Is this producing any new business?” By the way, New Business could be helping a Client with a New Project. But this subject is for another post.

In this post, we are discussing SMS Marketing.

SMS stands for Simple (or Short) Message System. It is a Text Message.

We are now using SMS more than phone calls. Typically, we “open” (read) a Text Message in three (3) minutes or less. Compared with email, usually 48 hours (if ever), SMS Messaging is the quiet, unsung “Champion” of Marketing.

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LinkedIn Marketing, How are You Improving Your Influence?


Churchill Club Top 10 Tech Trends Debate

Image by jurvetson via Flickr

LinkedIn is a “different” Social Media Platform. It is the “Professional” gathering place. LinkedIn is best described as a 7/24 networking meeting. With over 150,000,000 users, that average over $100,000 annual income, is it any wonder that LinkedIn has become the place for B2B (Business-to-Business) Marketing Strategies.

Professionally, businesses are excited that they can “shop” for the best candidate to fill that Key Position they are looking for! Searches that were almost impossible to accomplish just a few short years ago, can be done almost in minutes, certainly in days. It is revolutionary!

Just think about this for a minute! You have a “Professional” social Media Platform where:

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Facebook Mobile, How does it effect Your Business?


Spending quality family time together ...

Facebook Mobile Marketing has become very significant. It is impacting Small Business and Entrepreneurs world wide!

In the USA, access to the internet is still regularly done using typical methods, desktops and laptops. Traditional methods are being effected by Mobile Devices and  there is a change in the wind.

On the World stage, the access point of choice is with Mobile Devices. In the USA, changes are taking place, also. Almost overnight, the iPad has completely transformed the way we use the internet and so many other activities!

Smart devices, Smartphone’s — Apple iPhones and Android Devices, Apple iPads and Android Tablets are rapidly approaching 50% of the Mobile Device market here in the USA. Internationally, these Devices are their only access to the internet. For the most part, they do not use traditional desktops or laptops. It is all Mobile Devices.

Look at this:
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Twitter Marketing Needs to be Strategic


More Cafe Bar Restaurant / Trafalgar Street

Image by Dominic's pics via Flickr

Twitter has come a very long ways. Many pretend they are not interested, but the facts suggest that Twitter and Social Media are becoming our go to source for information! Our question is “what is the Twitter Trending info, right now?” 

When integrated with Mobile Marketing and Social Media becomes dominate strategy to create awareness for You, Your Company or Your Brand!

However the days of “broadcasting” your message are gone! People are not interested in that “interuption”!

Now the strategies to keep in mind are “interaction” and “relevance”. 

Those that are following You online no longer want You “Interruptions”, they want Your “Solutions” to their issues or difficulties!

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Mobile Marketing is the Secret Sauce for Your Business!


Image by JD Hancock via Flickr

Mobile Marketing trends are just stunning!

To begin with, over 85% of the SMS (text) messages received by Mobile Device users are opened (read) in the first three (3) minutes. That is unbelievable!

If You compare that to email, on the average they are not read for 48 hours. It really is just not a fair comparison! 

People are almost as tired of email as they are of regular mail. Why do you think the Post Office is struggling? We rarely send a letter any more.

In fact, for the most part we don't even send a check to pay our bills. Cash and Checks are almost obsolete! They are going the way of vinyl records.

If all You did for Your Business is implement a focus on Mobile Marketing, for the most part You would be ahead of Your competition!

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Google Plus Marketing Strategies that Make a Difference!

01 (108) -- Research

Image by Victor1558 via Flickr

Google Plus is the New Guy on the Block of Social Media Platforms! The question is why is it important to You as a Small Business Owner or an Entrepreneur?

Let's explore this briefly! 

Google dominates the Internet Search space and has for quit a while now! About 85% of all searches for information on the Internet are done on Google! It is amazing how fast you can get the answer to a question! 

Is it any wonder why the Encyclopedia Britannica has decided to discontinue printing their encyclopedia? 

The Internet has changed the way we get information! 

It is no longer reasonable to gather a number of volumes, spread them out and look for the answer or research an issue. You can get that information in seconds on the Internet! It is not even a challenge!

Google is directing all that power to Google Plus. The results are stunning. Look at this:

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YouTube Marketing is The Strategy for Business!


James, I think your cover's blown!

YouTube Marketing Secrets: Use YouTube!

Seriously! They say One Picture is worth One Thousand Words. Can you even imagine how beneficial a video is?

If You are trying to get your Business Marketing Message out to those “Potential Perfect Clients”, to method of choice has to be video!

Short of a personal, one-on-one appointment, YouTube is the Marketing Strategy that is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

Always available, always “on”, always presenting your Business Marketing Message, always ready to go!

This YouTube Marketing Strategy is a dream come true! Say it “once”, say it “perfect” make it available! It is almost too good to be true! The amazing thing is that it is much easier to do than you think!

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