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Twitter Referral Tips for Your Business!

Chicago River

Image by Bert Kaufmann via Flickr

Referrals are always to best way to improve your business sales. Sales are the true measure of success for your business. Determining how those sales were accomplished is well worth the time and effort.

Studies have shown that well over 80% of the time, businesses and sales personnel fail to ask their clients for referrals. This is a disaster for any business!

If you don't ask your clients for referrals, then you are reduced chasing those elusive “New Clients”.

The problem with this business strategy is studies prove that “New Clients” spend far less than existing and referral clients per business transaction. This all has to do with trust.

“New Clients” are not sure about you or your company. They are trying you out.

Existing clients are comfortable with you your business and how they were treated. When they refer you to their Friends and Family, they are providing Social Proof.

Social Proof has residual value. If you are using Social Media as part of this business strategy other Friends and Family “connections” see it also.

Social Business

Here look at this:

You cannot have fish if you won’t reel them in, right? So engage with your target niche! A great head start will always be to know and research about your potential targets, gather them then plan on great courses of actions to reach out and attract them in. As discussed previously, Facebook and other sites can be used to attract traffic so put into heart those mentioned tips. Just focus first on each social site’s tools for filtering and inviting users such as Facebook’s search tool, build audience, share page, and other functions. It is easy to endorse your business websites and pages using those so do not hesitate to use them. You can use different social media platforms to socialize with the people who checks out your blog or your business’ website. Give thanks to retweets and mentions on twitter, respond to the comments garnered by your blogs and guest posts from different sites, and comment to other blog sites within your niche. From there, regularly keep them updated about the happenings in your business, and stay in touch with them! Through this technique, you’ll generate a following on your blog and would drive more traffic to your site….More at Tips in Increasing your Site Referral Traffic

So let's review:

“New Clients” are not big spenders!

Existing Clients are comfortable, they know what to expect! They typically get what they need not based on trust concerns. When they Tweet on Twitter or Post on Facebook they are providing Social Proof.

Their referrals have confidence with you and your business because Your Client has confidence in You.

This is the Secret Sauce of Business. The acquisition of Referrals costs You virtually nothing. Taking care of Your Clients and asking for referrals is the Secret to Success! SHHH! Don't tell anyone!

If You would like some help with this strategy, please let me know! Would be glad to help! By The Way . . . if You know anyone who needs help with this strategy, pass this on to them and let them know we will take Great Care of them!


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